Terms and Conditions

The fine prints.

Terms and Conditions – Membership

We value transparency with our members and want them to know exactly where their dues go after they sign up. The $100 membership dues allow us to provide you with all the benefits that come with membership, breaking down to less than $8.50 a month. Any remaining money goes into the club treasury and will be used at the Board of Director’s discretion to distribute for club related endeavors. Membership lasts from the day you submit your dues until 1 year from that date. Members from the 5 boroughs are required to pick up materials at one of our meetings or events, members from outside NYC will have membership materials shipped. If you opt for shipping the price will be calculated based on your zip code and added to your yearly membership dues. Packages will be shipped within 72 hours of signing up for membership. In addition to the package (which also includes the Members Only discount card, providing members with discounts to over 20 outdoor companies) you can expect to be added to our private Facebook group where we’ll introduce you to the rest of the club members. You’ll also be added to our Members Only newsletter (sent every Thursday), it includes information including access to trip schedules before they’re announced to the public, invitations to members-only trips, parties, etc. For whatever reason, if you should decide to leave the club you will not be provided a refund, all membership dues once submitted are the property of the club.

Membership can be terminated for the following reasons:

  • Cheating in a tournament
  • Dishonoring your catch (i.e. shoving a beer can in a dead stripers mouth)
  • Disrespecting other members
  • Disrespecting the club in any way
  • Embarrassing the club in any way
  • Violating any of our 3 core rules:
    • Leave the place you fish cleaner than you found it
    • If you kill a fish, you must eat it
    • Without a picture, it didn’t happen; Do not claim to have caught a fish without a picture of it
  • Should a member become eligible for termination our board of directors will review the individual case and there will be a vote on whether you’ll be asked to leave the club. After the board votes, all decisions are final
  • If your membership is terminated, you will not receive a refund and you will never be allowed back into the club. You’ll also be banned from any club-related activities even if those activities are open to non-members. Should you decide to show up any way you will be escorted off the premises by a member of the BFC security team

Terms and Conditions – Tournaments

  • Half of the tournament fee covers the materials (stickers, measuring tape, shirt) & shipping that will be sent to you within 72 hours of signing up. The other portion of the tournament fee goes to the club to cover tournament expenses
  • If you’re caught cheating (or attempting to do so) you’ll be banned for life from any BFC related activities, whether they be tournaments, parties, etc.
  • All entry fees are non-refundable
  • If the fish you enter is rejected due to a violation of the clear rules set in place you’ll be notified within 24 hours of submitting your catch. Should you decide to act aggressively/inappropriately/unprofessional in reaction to the decision, your tournament eligibility will be stripped and our board of directors will decide if you’ll ever be allowed to enter another tournament again. All decisions made by board members are final
  • Winners will be announced within 24 hours after the last day of the tournament
  • Winnings will be sent via mail or online within 1 week of the tournament’s conclusion

Terms and Conditions – Open Boat Trips

  • Spots are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • All payments are non-refundable unless the captain decides the weather is unsafe to sail in. If that should happen there are two options:
    • Use your payment as a credit towards a future trip
    • Receive a refund within 48 hours of trip cancellation
  • We’ve worked hard to create a fun and enjoyable climate for everyone on board each open boat trip, should you decide to disrespect anyone or cause an issue on the trip you will be banned from all BFC related activities for life, including any future trips, and you will not receive a refund
  • If you have already sent a payment for an open boat trip and prior to the trip something comes up and you need your money back, you will not receive it. Once you pay for a trip it is not refundable
  • Should you wake up late and miss the departure of the boat, the boat will not turn around to pick you up as that’s unfair to the other anglers who showed up on time. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early prior to each trip
  • Should a trip be canceled at the last minute for unsafe weather conditions we will contact individuals ASAP. Sometimes the weather can look fishable up until the morning of, but if it isn’t safe we will never sail as the safety of our anglers is our number one priority
  • Feel free to bring your own tackle, however, each boat provides bait & tackle. We only work with the best boats so they have top of the line gear. All you need to do is dress accordingly and bring provisions for the day
  • The Brooklyn Fishing Club does not guarantee you will catch a fish on each trip, however, we can guarantee that our captains are the best in the area and will do everything in their power to put you on the fish

Terms and Conditions – Destination Trips

  • Upon choosing BFC to organize a fishing trip at a specific destination there will be a phone call with our travel department and an in-depth discussion about exactly what you’re trying to achieve on your trip and what we can do for you
  • We can book every aspect of your trip, from flights & lodging to the best fishing guides on the planet. Pricing is determined by exactly what it is you need booking. If all you need is a guide that’s fine, rates depend on that of the local guides and since they differ across the globe we won’t be able to give you a number on that until after our initial phone call
  • BFC is not responsible for any injuries sustained during destination trips
  • BFC is not responsible for any flight cancellations, however, we will work with you to get things sorted out and do our best to get you to your destination
  • BFC is not responsible for any lost baggage
  • BFC cannot guarantee that you will catch fish but we can guarantee that we’ll provide the best guides your destination offers
  • For an additional fee, you can opt to have 1 or 2 professional videographers accompany you on your journey. You won’t have to worry about switching on the Gopro, opening your cell phone with fishy fingers or even videotaping your friend catch a fish. All you do is live in the moment and let our videographers work their magic. Upon your return, we’ll have our professional film editor put together a video (you decide the length) which will end up looking like a movie that you can watch for the rest of your life and of course, share to social media
  • Pricing for the videographer and editing services include airfare & lodging for the videographer(s) and $1,000 per day of filming/photographing (per videographer). All aspects of the day will be filmed to capture the best content for your crew. Pictures and editing will be provided at no additional cost. All payments must be settled in full prior to the departure of the trip