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      The bass bite in the river has slowed down quite a bit with boats landing anywhere from 0-4 fish during trips in the past week. Captains are now looking to the ocean where we’ve already begun to see large bass moving close to the 3-mile line. Surf anglers are still landing decent amounts of schoolies and cocktail blues off of Breezy Point. Speaking of Breezy, a 200+ pound thresher shark was filmed feeding right up against the rocks a few days ago.

      There are a large number of thresher sharks and tuna swimming within 4-5 miles of the beach, East towards Long Beach. If you know what you’re doing and have the gear now’s the time to go get them. I honestly believe if someone put in enough hours with the correct gear they could land a thresher off the beach right now if they were in the right place at the right time.

      I had the privilege of going out on a blackfish recon trip with a commercial boat last week and it looks like this could be one of the best tog seasons NYC has seen in a while. Not only are they plentiful on the reef, but many anglers have been catching them as bycatch off the shore while targeting porgies in rocky areas. Seabass are being caught daily but there’ve been way more shorts than keepers.

      The porgy bite remains steady, last Monday I had 30 keepers in a few hours. The size was anywhere from 11-15″. It should be any day now when our first reports of albies will come in, I know they’ve been all over out East, hopefully, they’ll be here soon.

      Tune in every Wednesday for a saltwater & freshwater fishing report and please add your own as well if you have one. Tight lines! – Victor

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