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      Freshwater fishing has been decent in the past week, especially north of NYC in the reservoirs. Not sure what’s going on in Prospect after that guy released all those eels, if anyone has any more info on that please let me know.

      I went out for a 2-hour early morning session last week at Croton Falls Reservoir and went 4/6 on fish. 2 smallies, 2 largemouth – nothing over 12 inches but still fun on light tackle. I lost a larger bass at the rocks after it swam my line off of it (smart fish, chief). I also had a massive brown trout (could’ve easily been 5-7 pounds) follow my jig right to the bank, swipe and take the tail off, just missing the hook. It was inspiring to see it, I’ll be back for revenge soon.

      I predict that we’ll see some solid perch, pickerel, smallmouth/largemouth & trout fishing within the next week. I recommend 4″ pro-blue or smallie magic Keitech swimbaits on 3/4 oz Gamakatsu round jig heads with 12 lb. mono. Cast as far as you can, let it sink, and count to 10 before retrieving it slowly, jigging off the bottom. All the bites I got last week were very subtle, so swing for the fences if you think you’re getting nibbled after the second tap.

      Tune in every Wednesday for a freshwater & saltwater fishing report and please add your own as well if you have one. Tight lines! – Victor

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