Destination Trips

Our destination trips range from Europe, South America, Australia and beyond. When you join the club you'll have access to guides and captains across the world - we'll book your trip with them for free!

Fish Anywhere

Whether you’re trying to go fishing in Paris or the Amazon we’re partnered with a multitude of guides across the planet who can put you on fish. We’ll compose an entire fishing itinerary for your trip, from the best guide to the equipment you’ll need/be provided with. If interested we’ll send someone to document your trip so you don’t have to use your phone to take a picture, you can just live in the moment and fish. Then we’ll take the footage from your trip and edit it into a movie so that you can have your adventure on file forever. As a member, your trip will be booked for free.

*Prices are calculated based on the rates of local guides, there’s an additional fee for the videographer/editing service.

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