1) There must be one continuous video showing the measurements of the fish with the measuring tape NEXT TO THE FISH.

2) Participant must be registered 24 hours prior to entering a fish.

3) Longest fish wins each category.

4) Prizes will be announced ASAP.

5) $20 entry fee per category (non-members – $30 per category) or $80 entry fee to enter all categories (this option only available to members). Please indicate which category you are entering when you sign up.

6) Tournaments are open to the entire East Coast as long as anglers follow the same regulations as NY State, specifically in regards to open seasons. (For example, if an angler in NJ enters the tournament and catches a blackfish, it’s only eligible if caught between 10/5-12/14.)

7) All entry fees must be sent via Venmo to @brooklynfishingclub or via Paypal as a gift to


Striped Bass (4/15-12/15)
– Longest Caught – Boat:
– Longest Caught – Land:
– Longest Caught and Released:

Bluefish (4/15-12/15): 35