Open boat trips are ideal for anglers who’d like to experience the comforts of a private charter but may not have enough people to book one. These trips are great opportunities to meet like-minded anglers and build new friendships while catching big fish within sight of the NYC skyline. Trips are discounted for members (on 2/3 boats) at $120, non-members are welcome to join but pay $135. The number next to each date represents how many spots are available.

2018 Open Boat Schedule and Rates


11/1 pm – 2
11/5 am – 6
11/15 am – FULL
11/20 am – 6
12/4 am – 6

AM – 6am-12pm (after daylight savings the boat leaves at 7am returns at 1pm)
PM- 1pm-7pm

LADY L CHARTERS (BK) – $120 ($135 non-members)

11/3 – 3
11/11 – 6

ALL TRIPS: 6am-12pm (after daylight savings the boat leaves at 6:30am returns at 12:30pm)

FV GYPSEA (QNS) – $120 (members) $135 (non-members)

11/3 – FULL
11/10 – 1
11/11 – 6
11/17 – 6

ALL TRIPS: 5am-11am

* Rates do not include 20% tip for the first mate.

Disclaimer: Until a trip is fully booked there’s chance that it will be cancelled if the captain gets a charter who books the trip before all six spots are filled. If that should happen you’ll receive a credit for a future trip; the same rule applies if the captain has to cancel due to weather.
With the exception of those two reasons all payments are non-refundable and once you pay for a date you may not switch to another.